Our team has 20 years of experience designing and implementing custom web based applications for large and small infrastructure management organizations that need to analyze complex utility and land based planning alternatives. We have taken our knowledge and success and have created a tool that will accelerate your planning process and give you edge that we know your industry has been waiting for!

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we are a super effective consulting team with decades of experience in tough, high-profile projects with the most demanding clients in the industry.

Decision Support is the lifework of this company.

David Hawkins

Dave is our President and Chief Technology Officer. In this capacity he has orchestrated major software systems, applications toolsets, and methodologies for energy siting and transmission, community and transportation planning, spatial decision support, and e-government. Each of Facet’s projects has involved developing and supporting business cases for the new project initiative, and monitoring the progress of often technically risky projects in a rapidly changing business environment. Deploying integrated land use, transportation, economic, and environmental planning models in the U.S. and Canada is what Dave does for fun!

Now Hiring

Image: Ada Lovelace (1840).  She developed a vision on the capability of computers to go beyond mere calculatingAda’s study of “poetical science” led her to ask basic questions about Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine,  examining how individuals and society relate to technology as a collaborative tool.

Requirements:  5 years experience in two or more technical specialties:  technical modelling, software engineering,  mathematics, econometrics, spatial analysis, energy industry, urban planning technology, transportation analysis, Drupal development.

Christopher Houston

Christopher is our VP of Finance who is also charged to support our business development initiatives. He is an internationally experienced leader with expertise in start-ups, public offerings, mergers & acquisitions and international business development.

Nora Melzer

Nora is our Systems Analyst. She helps guide the direction and development of interface tools, web-based decision support systems, advanced computer graphics, geographic data analysis, and database components. Nora has over 20 years of experience in software development and consulting.

Susan Munroe

It all starts with a “Yes!” As a seasoned sales professional, Susan has been assisting clients discover the most effective solutions to their most pressing business challenges. She has a keen understanding of business drivers and management objectives, as well as the factors that make enterprises successful. Couple that with her understanding of Facet’s sophisticated technology solutions, Susan bridges the gap between business problems and technology solutions in a simple, yet robust proposal.

Roseline Melzer, PMP

Roseline has over twenty years of IT project management experience and focuses on our clients' experience to see their project run smoothly, on time and on budget.  She has plenty of organizational, logistical, business process design, and client relationship management experience to her credit, which is why she also heads operations for the company.  When it comes to managing geographically dispersed teams we know our clients are in great hands.


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