Using our Global Tools, which include models, analysis , presentation and decision process management we create interactive scenario-based models  that highlight the differences between alternative futures, by showing how choices interact. 

Facet’s web/mobile platform, provides best-practices scenario modelling and decision support frameworks for analytical applications upon which to base comprehensive, sound business strategies. 



Integrate, intensify and

speed up your

decision making process

using our Global Tools  


Local Planning With Our Global Tools 

  • Upload your data
  • Analytics and Presentation Tools
  • Integrate what if models 
You Get

  • Start the planning process right away with our Global Templates 
  • See your decision in clear uncomplicated measures
  •  See impacts of your decision immediately 
Broadening the Decision Support Cast 
  • Collaborative tools at ALL your team's fingertips 
  • Non techincal participants get easy, understandable access to         tools and information
  • Provide Internal decision makers collaborative, web based tools 
  • External stakeholders get accessable inforamation and a web/mobile  facility to provide input 
You Get
  • Shorter timelines for making decisions 
  • Broader understanding of your decision that builds confidence and defensibility
  •  Shared understanding of the issues and information  to ensure faster, less risky plans. 
  •  Better communication and engagement of stakeholders 
Going Mobile
  • Results on  your laptop, cell, ipad or any other mobile device 
  • Use crowd sourcing to engage public participation 
  • Ask participants real world questions
You Get
  • Use our tools anytime, anywhere 
  • Fill data gaps and use data to serve public interest issues
  • Get at information that is otherwise unattainable




Local Planning with Global Tools

Whether planning is done in Beijing, China or Akron Ohio, the same basic principles, models and types data apply. Facet’s global planning framework models the underlying interactions between land use, market demands, services and the resulting impacts. Loading local data and setting local parameters makes our global model a low-cost local planning tool. 

Worldwide, land use drives economic, employment, environmental housing, and population models 

Changing the Decision Support Cast

Most participants in a typical planning process have no direct interaction with planning information. Facet’s tools give controlled access to information. Participant input is elicited using web surveys, polls, forums and other easy-to-use facilities, and results are presented using interactive maps, and charts. An inclusive approach builds better decisions, and creates non-traditional solution that the world has been waiting for.

Facet tools give everyone in a planning process controlled access & interaction with planning data. 

Going Mobile

Two-way mobile communication with planning websites is a standard feature in Facet’s toolset. Mobile devices are ideal data input tools for geo-located information, turning subject-matter experts, stakeholders and the general public into potential high-quality data sources. Fully integrated mobile capabilities significantly expand your decision making to everyone on the team.

Easy 2-way mobile communication with websites is standard in Facet’s tool set. 

Changing the Buying Equation

Planning software is typically CPU-licensed specialized software running on dedicated hardware, and supported by highly trained technical staff. Our modular tools and cloud-based pricing sets much lower price-points than the classical models, opening new ways for our customers to start using our tools for single tasks, and expanding the use gradually as needs and budgets allow.

Our modular tools and cloud-based pricing sets much lower price-points than the classical models.

Changing the Teaming Equation

 Facet cloud-computing prices protect margins for prime contractors delivering large planning projects. Our emphasis on mobile and Internet delivery makes a team’s offering technically appealing. By filling technical gaps at low cost, Facet’s tools give teaming partners a competitive edge: offering prime contractors a higher contract share, and an opportunity to use lower prices to win business.

 Stand-alone tools like this optimal path analyzer are easy to use, low-cost entry points into Facet’s capabilities.

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